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Axxiom is growing, and we need more consultants. We’re passionate about software system development and have helped both businesses and IT-organizations since 2003. We specialize in consult services in systematization and programming, as well as quality and Test Management. Our journey for expansion is an exciting one, do you want to be a part of it? Right now we’re looking for experienced Test Managers and Java Developers.
Apply here: info@axxiom.se

Customer in focus. Ever adaptable

Whatever we do, we always prioritize what’s best for our customers. That’s why we adapt our work process to your needs and conditions. This allows us to handle Test Management even if you completely lack an existing test process or have a requirement body that’s inadequately documented.
Do you have a well developed and implemented agile project methodology and test process? In that case, we fit perfectly (like a glove) in fulfilling the agile roles for both development and testing.
Small or big system? We always create and design functionality exactly the way our customers want it to be.
We can analyze your maturity and progress in test, which allows us to give valuable advice how to best develop within the area of testing based on your benchmark and ambition.
All of this ensures added business value.

Test Management

Test Management is one of the main areas when it comes to quality management of software, from inspection of a program code in an individual module, to different types of tests on various levels of complete systems with hundreds of different components.

We offer consultant services within the whole field of testing. Some of them are:
– Creating and implementing test strategy and test plan
– Creating and implementing test process
– Leading test team and test project adapted to the customer, traditional waterfall or agile methodologies
– Test analysis including inspection of requirement body and use cases
– Design of test case and test flows
We’re specialized in Test Management and have long experience in the field. We adapt to our customer’s maturity and progress in test in order to maximize our customer’s value.


For us, development means creating functionality that gives customer value.

Except the obvious – to code and work with relevant frameworks – this also involves to test one’s code, interpret requirement documentation as well as communicating with persons responsible for requirement collection and team members.

Right now we’re building a new team of experienced creators in Java to be able to offer consultant services within the field of development. Some of them are:
– Design and implementation of functionality in frontend
– Design and implementation of functionality in backend
– Design and implementation of functionality in fullstack
– Managing development teams tailored to the customer, traditional waterfall or agile
– Analysis including examination of requirement body and use cases

Need advice how to further progress in Test Management and Development? Get advice based on your business model and ambition, it makes all the difference – contact us today!